How to update php.ini for MAMP PRO

  1. This is really relevant to my issue, but your path:

    /Applications/MAMP PRO/MAMP

    looks weird and does not not exist on my system. I’m referring to the ‘MAMP PRO/MAMP’ bit. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Gustav – thanks for the question. First off, are you using macOS or Windows? This is a macOS file path.

      If you’re on macOS and looking for the file via Finder, you might not be able to see it because most applications group all their sub-directories and files together in a “Package”. You can access these files by going to your “Applications” directory, opening the “MAMP PRO” folder, right-clicking on the “MAMP PRO” application icon, and selecting “Show Package Contents”. (see screenshot below)

      From there it should be a straight shot to the file in question.

      Let me know if that helps. If so, I’ll make an edit to the original post to make this clearer.

      Thanks and happy coding!

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